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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alcolea Dordal Salvador, Born on June 9, 1932 in Barcelona, ​​son of Salvador and Encarnacion.
His life has been marked by tragic circumstances that have profoundly marked his personality and that translate into their world view that has surrounded him with skill and plasma along its extensive collection of works.
His father fought on the Republican side during the Spanish civil war and end the war he was interned in a concentration camp, which left him with significant psychological sequelae that led to a state of alcoholism that ended with his suicide when he was only fourteen Salvador years.
His mother, originally from a village in Aragon, almost illiterate, had no financial means the death of her husband (who left considerable debts) so during the postwar years were real hungry.
As the trade from his father's upholstery, Salvador with the help of his mother who helped with the sewing of curtains and cushions, followed the family tradition and made of it their livelihood.
Despite their hardships and the short time schooling with which he could tell, his love of drawing from a very young man turned to devote all his free time drawing (which are still preserved some crayons from 1945 to 1948) and later the oil painting technique that has mastered and which portrays his vision of the times he has corresponded live.
His passion for painting has been painting itself, but at no time tried to sell his work to date that legal imperatives (legal disability) your guardian Angel Vilalta have decided to make it known to the world.
His relationship with women has always been stormy, starting with an aunt who practiced as a butcher in the postwar era Spanish and who having exploited for performing errands and deliveries to customers, never offered any payment not only gave him a piece of meat despite being aware of the hardships of living Savior and his mother, until an unfortunate marriage that left two children after divorce with almost no relationship has been maintained.
It is within this framework that Dordal Salvador has developed his extensive work as Josóc signing (I AM) and since the summer of 2011 and by a tribute paid to him Conventpuntcero group try to give to the world.
Many critics point to as the last modernist Josóc Catalan and the appearance of a cover in the Newspaper (Spanish Press) and the emission of a small wedge in two TV stations, have helped to start spreading his paintings which fortunately has been translated in early sales will certainly help to maintain the same residence where he currently resides as their financial resources are very limited.